Property Management Service

Equipo de Administración de Propiedades

Our Services:

  • To coordinate the payment of utilities related to the property.
  • To coordinate the payment of other accounts in relation to the real estate.
  • To supervise and coordinate the cleaning of the property.
  • To render a monthly income and expenses report and a supervision report.
  • Supervision and coordination of fumigation (every four months).
  • Supervisión y coordinación de fumigación (cuatrimestral).
  • Rent collection and guarantee deposits.
  • Supervision and repair of minor damages or major repair on behalf of the OWNER.
  • To do at THE OWNERS responsibility and risks, the necessary repairs for the preservation of the real estate.
  • The inspection and preparation of the report on household appliances and minor required repairs.
  • Inspection of the property before negotiating the administration services.
  • To prepare the initial inventory, at the delivery and return of the real estate.
  • Pre-inspection of the real estate at the termination of the lease agreement.
  • Decoration service (additional cost as per work).

Trust your investment by putting your property in the best hands, Siuma Realty ( before Semusa Realty), leader of the property management segment.

A professional team in the Property Administration Industry offers the peace of mind of having a real estate managed in the best possible manner, up to date in its payments, rent collection and other services, attending , in a personalized way, the needs of tenants and landlords.

Our objective is to represent you in the management of your realestate, always ensuring to take care of your interests and coordinating with you the tasks of leasing the unit, payments of utilities and other accounts related to the property.

We have certified suppliers in every field and authorized centers to carry out inspections and repairs of appliances, always pursuing excellency in our work.

At the Property Administration Division, we focus in keeping the highest standards for the benefit of our customers.

Additionally, we provide the service from APC (Panamanian Credit Association) to verify credit references of prospect tenants interested in renting a property. Through this alliance, we offer this new service to the owners of properties that are under our administration and with its implementation you may be confident that our consultants seek to select customers with the best profile for the enjoyment of your property.

Your property in the hands of experts
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